Feng Shui Your Wardrobe uses the principles of the Feng Shui Five Element Theory to identify and bring out your unique personal style to enhance, magnify and attract good Qi (energy) into your life.

By dressing and accessorizing according to the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth, or metal, their unique shapes, fabrics and colors, you can:

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“Lillian immediately made me feel special by her ability to assess my personality and how it relates to the Feng Shui elements. The benefits have been two-fold: I have new outfits from my own closet that I never thought to put together, and, because she taught me how to rearrange my clothes according to the Five Elements. I have a new attitude about dressing mindfully and intentionally. What a life/clothes saver!”



“Lillian's gentle approach and intuitive process really worked well for me. The whole process was educational, inspiring, and fun. Everything was customized to my individual feng shui wardrobe needs based on a comprehensive assessment that guided the consultation. Lillian provided me with detailed suggestions to help me know what to wear and shop for to add feng shui to my closet. She brings her·energy, knowledge, and passion to her feng shui wardrobe consulting that made me feel more optimistic·and·confident to achieve my life's aspirations. My new colors·have boosted my·confidence, and increased my energy and attractiveness.

I highly recommend Lillian's consultation for anyone who is willing to explore their feng shui elements you should be nourishing and balancing to help you meet your life aspirations.”

Tom S.




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"Lillian is a wonderfully intuitive guide in feng shui for your wardrobe. She assessed my traits and desires and helped me organize my wardrobe and think about how to put outfits together to best draw my desires to me. By learning about the elements represented in colors, patterns and jewelry, she taught me the elements that are most auspicious for creating the life I want. Lillian's manner is kind and knowledgeable and she clearly has a designer's eye. In just a few weeks, I am seeing positive results in a significant area that I had identified during the assessment. I highly recommend Lillian and Feng Shui Your Wardrobe."

Rebecca G.



Feng Shui Your Wardrobe was created by Lillian A. Tsai, a Malaysian-Chinese immigrant. Her goal is to utilize her life-long love affair and instincts about style and Feng Shui to empower men and women to dress with intention for every occasion. Through this intentional and mindful process, she has inspired male and female clients to achieving higher levels of self confidence and success.

Email or call 503-706-9253 today to schedule your private consultation with Lillian.

"I must tell you I am deeply touched by your kindness. The Feng Shui Your Wardrobe report you sent me is wonderful. I am so excited to put this new consciousness into play. I want to thank you for your tender care for me in this way. You are an angel."

Catherine G.


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